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We are your friends and neighbors here in the High Country. We know you are a special breed - fearless, adventurous, hardy and visionary. Living in this alpine paradise is as challenging as it is gratifying. Whether you are here year-round or seasonally, on or off-grid, it would be impossible without adequate and reliable power. Based in South Park, CO we are a factory certified Generac dealer/installer - the premier name in on and off-grid power supply. However, that is only the beginning...


Why only Eco-Friendly? Pocket-book friendly too!

"Off Grid" - Those words can evoke all kinds of feelings; fear of the unknown, burning cash on gas and batteries, running out of power when you least expect it, dealing with the technology is too daunting... Yes, we get it. Fact of the matter is that none of those things have to be true, and indeed, when done right they are not. More and more people are moving off-grid. Whether by choice or necessity, off-grid living and renewable energy are the wave of the future. Given today's advanced, user-friendly technology you can achieve energy independence easily, economically and efficiently without sacrificing any aspect of your lifestyle. All that while saving money and enjoying a higher degree of freedom in the process. We can definitely help you with that!


Why us?

  • The power and support of the biggest name in Standby and off-grid generators in the business.
  • Unparalleled generator reliability and warranty coverage ESPECIALLY for off-grid applications. 
  • Free, no obligation estimates and quotes on components, repairs and installations. 
  • Reasonable installation and repair costs. No travel fees for most of Park, Chaffee and Summit counties. 
  • Local, prompt and courteous service.
  • Whether looking to install new solar panels, inverters, batteries, total off-grid system or upgrade existing one, we will do the utmost to offer you a better deal and earn your business.
  • We do not install old-fashioned led-acid batteries but only state of the art, maintenance free, Eco-friendly Lithium Ion at competitive prices. 

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Eco Power Systems, Inc.

P.O.Box 1147, Fairplay, Colorado 80440, United States

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